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It all started with a little brown box At the age of 10, my parents (or rather, Santa) bought me a Commodore64, I can pretty much guarantee that had I have not been given that gift then I'd probably be doing something completely different today. But as it happens, that started me on the slippery slope of software development. Fast forward 27 years and here I am, still sat in front of a box of bits, granted they're less brown these days, and I don't have to spend days programming games out of the back of C&VG magazine, but it's still as much fun as it used to be back in the day.

Along the way I seem to have developed some skill for photography as well, that came as a bit of a shocker too, like someone who wakes up from a coma knowing a new language, I seemed to pickup a camera and awoken some sleeping artist within.

Well this site serves as some kind of showcase for both, photography and software. I figured with the new projects I was carrying out in mobile development, I'd need a new website, so here it is, I hope you enjoy.

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