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Website & web application development Bringing your vision online is an important step for any company these days. With so many options out there it can be quite bewildering. With over a decade's experience in developing websites and distributed web applications I can work with you to ensure the best technology for the job is used. Currently I'm working mostly with ASP.NET/4 and MVC3, but have extensive experience of all ASP versions, as well as PHP, Mediasurface, Umbraco and Apache.

PC & Desktop applications Despite it seeming like the whole world has moved onto the web for it's business, there's still a huge demand for desktop applications. Especially in the world where mission critical timing and performance is required. Having worked with a number of the world's largest banks and well known blue-chip companies I pride myself on being able to really produce reliable and performant software where it counts.

Database administration and development Business is nothing without the data it holds, and ensuring your data is secure, and ready to query is as important as the software which displays it. Extensive knowledge of SQL and various SQL Server applications such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL means that no matter how large your database, I am able to ensure it's running at it's peak performance at all times.

Mobile platform applications One of the most exciting areas of development these days is the huge growth in mobile computing. And the savvy business owner would do well to get a head start on their competition in this area. Well versed in the Android, Windows Mobile and Apple iOS platforms, I can make sure that you can reach your customers no matter where they are.

Mobile gaming An area I've taken a particular interest in lately has been mobile gaming. A huge opportunity to capture gamers of all ages' attention is bringing easy to play games at their fingertips. I've recently released my first iOS game onto the apple app store, and am planning an android version soon. With access to some talented designers I can put your vision of the next big thing in portable gaming into reality.