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Mobile Development

Your platform, in their hands With everyone having the power of a computer in their hands these days it's no surprise that the mobile applications platform is such a huge industry. Be it a corporate application, mapping or entertainment it's almost expected that a company's website and application now be available on one of the popular handheld platforms.

With experience in writing iOS (Apple), Android and Windows Mobile applications, I can help you make that a reality for your business.

Mobile Gaming

An area i've taken quite an interest in myself is mobile gaming, concentrating mostly on the iOS platform (purely for ease of development, and number of users out there), I've a number of games in the pipeline, the links below will take you to the respective pages of those games.

Zombie GP zombie GP
As much of a re-introduction to gaming if anything. It had been a long time since I'd written games for any platform (back in the good ole' days of the Amiga I was writing games more than anything else), so ZombieGP was a great way to re-educate myself. A simple homage to the old-school racers such as supercars and super sprint. Details