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Zombie GP

When there's no more room in hell, the dead shall race on earth It's been 10 years since the horrors of world war Z came to an end. Humans, although victorious against the hoards of the undead, we left battered and demoralised.

The ZR (Zombie Racing) commission was setup, as a way to increase morale amongst humans as well as to prove our domination against the remaining undead.

To scouts were sent to towns and cities across the country to find the most suitable subjects and there began the zombie Grand Prix.


I've hopefully made it as pickup-and-play as possible, and with minimal instruction you'll be straight into the game.

zombie GP
The main screen has the following icons along the bottom of the screen

  • Automatically Post to game center. If you are logged-in to game center, you can have the game automatically post your track times to the leaderboard to compare against your friends.

  • Use tilt controls. Use the built-in iPhone tilt controls to steer your car instead of buttons, a little trickier for some, but gives you that authentic karting feel.

  • Clicking that will essentially open, this page.

  • Convinced you're a zombieGP champion? Put it to the test and compare your lap times to players from around the world. Clicking the ranking option shows a thumbnail of all the tracks, click on a track to be taken to the game center leaderboard for that track.

  • Before you can start you will be prompted to select a difficulty level. Easy, as you'd expect you'll complete in no-time, and also easy mode does not include the realtime night effect. What's that? Well, if you play the game on normal or hard, between the hours of 19:00 and 07:00 then the game is actually played at night, feel up to the challenge? We'll see.

Player select
You have a choice of zombie racers to choose from

Once you have selected your racer, the "GO" button will appear and you're ready to race..

The race..
At the start of each race you will be told what the minimum qualifying position is, your aim is simple, make sure you're in that position or above to compete in the next round. The CPU players are ruthless so don't be surprised if they try to knock you off course during a race.

Use the red left + right buttons (or tilt control if enabled) to steer your kart, keep your finger on the "gas" to accelerate. Occasionally you may spot a "brain boost" appear on the track, running over this will give you a temporary boost of speed.

Once you have completed all the tracks, you'll then have the option of playing the game at night. Simply toggle day/night by clicking on the sun/moon icon which will then appear on the title screen. The actual race takes part at night, you won't see much of the track, players or obstacles ahead of you, so only for the skilled zombie racer.

Race through each course and beat the final course in 1st place to earn a place on the zombieGP hall of fame.


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