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photography header They say it's all about the light...

I'm not so sure, I find that i'm most excited about taking photographs at night, where there's very little of the stuff about. Then again, i guess that's where you get to see it at it's purest, without the constant bombardment of people, noise and neon around you.

There's something quite magical about being sat on a rock somewhere at night looking up at the heavens (with a nice hot flask of coffee of course, i'm not mad :p).


Variety is the spice of life..

And when you've got a camera with you at all times, there's no shortage of variety

I don't think i'd really picked up a "proper" camera until about 2005, which is a shame, as all our kids had been born by then so I missed out on that somewhat indulgent phase of taking 100's of photographs of them as babies that everyone does. Fortunately I'm just as happy to throw them in front of a camera now they're growing up so I don't feel I'm missing out. But that's what I love about photography, there's always something you can take a photo of, it just takes a little imagination (and a lot of luck at times) to capture a memory to treasure forever.

Although a majority of my work is just for my private collection, I have undertaken a number of commissions, which are always an interesting challenge, I've had work published in national magazines, international newspapers, done promotional photography for restaurants and parks as well as printed flyers, brochures and an advertisement campaign.

landscapes Landscape. I can mostly be found out at night with my camera, after a long day working, and having put the kids to bed, there's something very relaxing about being out there in the quiet landscape of North Wales.

Take a look through my gallery below and you'll soon see how much I love the landscape around me. As well as the night sky from anywhere in the world. If you're interested in a print, just drop me a message, i've had people do just that and used images for album covers, book covers and even huge canvases for their new home.

Portrait and modelling For the past few years I've also spent quite a bit of time doing portrait and modelling photography, it's a great opportunity to meat some fantastic people (both male and female) and I find it really pushes your skills to the limits having to try to direct a shoot out in the field.

The slideshow below won't show my modelling images, as some of them are not suitable for younger viewers or people at work, so for those who are interested then you can view them on my modelling stream over at flickr.

Urbex Urbex, or "Urban Exploration" is the activity of visiting mostly unseen parts of towns and cities, old abandoned places, usually in a state of total disrepair. There's something quite fascinating about visiting a site which has just been left for decades and imagining what went on in the halls and corridors previously.

Urbexer's have one golden rule and that is "take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints" and this is important. In no way do we cause any damage or destruction to the sites we visit, we are there to explore and catalogue what we see. I've had many people email me after seeing some of my urbex images, thanking me for bringing back memories of places that they had been in previously and had forgotten. I've also had great success with some of my local urbex' in Wales, and been interviewed and published in the national magazine Golwg several times.

Commercial Being a full-time software developer, I don't find much time to invest in commercial photography, but that's not to say it's not something I've done on occasions. Recently there was a hotel in Caernarfon, North Wales who commissioned me to take the photographs for their new website. A great challenge from what I was used to, but one I rose to with some success. I was also commissioned by the owners of a local theme park to photograph the park and it's visitors for their new brochure, which I managed to rope the kids into, much to their annoyance as their friends keep seeing them on the flyers :)

The Gallery


I've been a huge fan of flickr ever since I started getting into photography, so where better to showcase my images than using their slideshow.